Logo-EE 40 Red Katar is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Red Katar
Grid Red Katar
Type Tool
Stackable No
EMC Value 5,177,344
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Red Katar is the combination of sword, hoe, shears, and axe in theEquivalent Exchange mod.

Abilities Edit

Charge it with "F" then hit "H" and it will use up EMC to fire an AoE around youself that damages every mob in a small radius (about 5 blocks). You can use the "K" key to toggle between damaging all mobs and aggressive only. If you rightclick wood or leaves, it will cut down all wood in a radius of 8 blocks (connection required). The loot will be dropped in a square at the location of clicking.

Note:cobwebs do not give string ever lol

WARNING: The AoE affect cause by R will affect ANY Mo'creatures mobs. Normal attacks (Default left click) will work fine.

  • The Red Matter tools are enchantable.


Crafting GUI.png

Red Matter Axe

Red Matter Shears

Red Matter

Red Matter Sword

Red Matter

Red Matter

Red Matter Hoe

Red Matter

Red Matter

Red Katar

EMC CompositionEdit

The price for a Red Katar is 1 x 1,974,272 (Red Matter Axe) + 1 x 614,400 (Red Matter Shears) + 1 x 1,220,608 (Red Matter Sword) + 1 x 1,368,064 (Red Matter Hoe) + 5 x 466,944 (Red Matter) = 7,512,064.


  • If you hit a Mooshroom with a Red Katar, it will make a high-pitched ding (the same sound as charging it to max. durability) and turn into a normal cow.

Video TutorialEdit

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