Logo-IC2 40 RE-Battery contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
Grid RE Battery

The RE-Battery is a rechargeable battery used to store and transfer power between machines. It can be charged in a energy storage (like BatBox) or any kind of a Generator. Batteries can accumulate up to 10000 EUs - that's two fully charged generators or 25% of a full BatBox. RE batteries are a basic method of managing your energy flow. On the long run it's advised to use Cables for a constant energy transfer.

Charged batteries won't stack and can't be used in crafting, however they can be used again after discharging. Batteries don't suffer any kind of decay or energy loss.


Crafted batteries are empty, unlike Single-use batteries.

Crafting GUI.png



Insulated Copper Cable

Redstone Dust

Redstone Dust





As a crafting ingredientEdit

The RE-Battery can be used to craft the Energy Loader.



To run a machine on a battery power, right click the machine and place a battery in a bottom slot, under the lighting symbol. To feed a machine with the battery using a tube or a pipe, connect it to the bottom side of the block. Note that when using RedPower tubing, you can pull the battery out only by using a Retriever. Simple machines like Transposers will cover the bottom side of the machine, making it unable to receive another input to that slot.


Video TutorialEdit

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