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Cinnabar Ore

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Logo-TC 40 Cinnabar Ore contains information about the ThaumCraft 2 mod.
This information may not apply to the later ThaumCraft 3 version.
Cinnabar Ore
Block Cinnabar Ore
Type Ore
Physics No
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes (64)
Mod Included Thaumcraft

Cinnabar Ore is a relatively rare crystal ore found throughout Minecraft's caves. It is usually found underground at all height levels, and normally it only occurs in single blocks. It can be smelted into Quicksilver.


MachineGUI Background.png
MachineGUI Furnace.png


Coal (Item)


Uses of QuicksilverEdit


Cinnebar New

Cinnebar's new texture

Cinnabar Ore can not be processed in IC's Macerator.

In Thaumcraft 3 it has a new look as seen to the right.

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