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Pump (IndustrialCraft)
Block Pump (IndustrialCraft)
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench (Industrialcraft)
Stackable No
Mod Included Industrial Craft

IndustrialCraft Pumps (not to be confused with Buildcraft pumps, they are not the same thing), are used to suck up liquid directly beneath them, and put that liquid directly into cells or buckets. This isn't very useful for lava, but since water source blocks can respawn under certain conditions, it is more useful for water. Alternatively, you can ​put it next to a Miner, and if it and the miner is powered, then the pump will suck up any lava or water the miner encounters. It will take the needed cells/buckets out of an adjacent chest, and then when they are filled, it will put them back into the chest.

To create an infinite water source, place the pump over The middle of a 1 deep, 1x3 pool. The pumped water will be remade into a source block under the pump.

Maximum Input: 32 EU/T before exploding.


Crafting GUI.png

Empty Cell

Empty Cell

Mining Pipe(IC)

Electronic Circuit

Machine Block


Empty Cell

Empty Cell

Mining Pipe(IC)


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