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Logo-BC 40 Additional Buildcraft Pipes contains information about the BuildCraft mod.

This page contains information about Buildcraft compatible pipes added by several mods and extensions.

Please note that some pipes below may not be available by default in Technic 7.2, if you need said pipes, you will require the Additional Buildcraft Objects mod addon.

Advanced Pipes Edit


Teleport pipes GUI.

These pipes teleport items, liquids, or Buildcraft power to their respective receiving pipes. You can manually assign a frequency to each pipe by opening its GUI via right-clicking on it (no wrench) in order to determine to which other teleport pipe(s) it is connected. If a sender pipe is connected to multiple receiver pipes, it will alternate between them. You can use this to spread item distribution to multiple locations for storage or further usage. Similarly, multiple sender pipes can send to one single receiver pipe. This can be used to bundle and focus item input (for example from several active quarries) on one single pipe network. Set the "Can Receive" option to false to make the pipe a sender, or set "Can Receive" to true to make the pipe a receiver.

-note: In the current recommended release of Technic 7.2, teleport pipes (all three versions) have a bug where they may "disappear" upon leaving the area in which they reside and returning, an example is going to the nether and venturing 200 or so blocks to another portal that will take you some 2Km away from your first portal in the Overworld, upon returning to the teleport pipes, some may have (permanently) "disappeared". There is also another bug where upon changing the channels on the teleport pipes, the game may crash and require you to temporarily disable the additional Buildcraft pipes mod to be able to recover your world.

You should consider other options before trying these pipes for now until they have confirmed to have been fixed or if a fix has been found. (-Note: This problem may be solved by using a World Anchor or the cheaper Teleport Tether.)

Phased Transport Pipe (a.k.a. Item Teleport Pipe)Edit

This is the base teleport pipe used to create the other teleport pipes

Waterproof Teleport PipeEdit

This pipe is used for teleporting fluids, making the long-distance transport of Oil and such much more cost-effective. It is unable to teleport fluids through dimensions; for example, you cannot teleport Nether lava into the Overworld.

Power Teleport PipeEdit

In addition to being able to teleport items, the power teleport pipes can also teleport Buildcraft energy just like other Conductive Pipes. This is especially useful if you have a powerful generator setup (like a nuclear reactor and several voltage transformers), as it saves you the effort of hauling batteries or building a power setup onsite.

Be careful not to set two power teleport pipes next to each other to the same frequency one transmitting and one receiving. This will corrupt your world.

Advanced Wooden Transport PipeEdit


The GUI for the advanced wooden transport pipe.

Using the GUI for this pipe, you can set it to either only take out certain items, or to leave only certain items in the inventory it is pulling from. Using this pipe can simplify the setup of a fully automatic assembly line when combined with automated crafting tables. When combined with regular Diamond Transport Pipes, it can also be used as a component for an automatic sorting machine.

For Ver 1.5.1 use the following

Advanced Insertion PipeEdit

When this pipe is connected to a chest (and the chest can accept items) the item will be shot into the chest faster than light. It does this to prevent items from popping out when two items try to fill a chests with only one open slot. If there is no room in an inventory, the pipe will continue the item along the pipe. (Note: This will not move the items backwards. Therefore you must have 2 pipes connecting to the insertion pipe in order for this to happen.) Will not connect to Cobblestone Transport Pipes.

For ver 1.5.1 use the following

Redstone Transport PipeEdit

The Redstone Transport Pipe emits a Redstone signal when an item is passing through it.

Waterproof Redstone PipeEdit

Provides the same functionality as the Redstone Transport Pipe for pipes that are carrying liquids, but will only emit a signal if the pipe is full (or close to it).

Crossover Transport PipeEdit


Crossover transport pipe example.

This pipe will direct material entering it to the pipe (or something accepting material, like chests) directly across from it. If no such pipe exists, a random direction is chosen.

Valve PipeEdit

The Valve Pipe works like a wooden pipe, but with an integrated Redstone Engine. You can also add a lever directly on top. Its only limitation is that it only allows straight connections. This means that you can connect pipes only to one of its two endings, not to the sides. It also allows to push out liquid directly (do not try this with fuel, though).

Golden Iron Waterproof PipeEdit

It acts like an iron pipe, but has golden pipe speed, so you don’t reduce the golden pipe water pressure.

Balance PipeEdit


How the balance pipe works.

If powered by a Redstone signal, the Balance Pipe balances the contents of two Tanks of equal height. Make sure that all Tanks connected by Balance Pipes have the same height - or strange things might occur.

RoundRobin Transport PipeEdit

The RoundRobin Pipe functions as an item distribution pipe that functions according to Round Robin scheduling. This means that incoming items get distributed evenly across all connected pipes.

Diamond Liquids PipeEdit

The Diamond Liquids Pipe functions as a sorting pipe, so basically just as a regular Diamond Transport Pipe, only for liquids.

Compactor PipeEdit


The Compactor Pipe.

When powered by a Redstone signal, the Compactor Pipe collects and compacts single items or smaller item-stacks to item-stacks of at least 16 units or bigger. If no items come in for a specific time, the small item-stack gets ejected.

Power Switch PipeEdit


The Power Switch Pipe.

The Power Switch Pipe works as a switch for Conductive Pipes. You have to power it with Redstone to allow power flowing through it.


Video SpotlightEdit

Additional Buildcraft Objects 08:52

Additional Buildcraft Objects

Video spotlight of Additional Buildcraft Objects.

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