Logo-TC 40 Portable Hole contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.

An active hole.

The Portable Hole is a powerful item from Thaumcraft with which you can walk through solid walls.


The Portable Hole is a very handy magical tool that is able to temporarily displace blocks in a straight line, thus creating a small corridor which you can go through. This is what the the official Thaumcraft Wiki has to say about it:

The great wizard Ak'mee has decided to share his newest creation with us: The Portable Hole! Ever needed to get inside your home, but the door was just too far? Here is your answer! The Ak'mee Portable Hole... craft one today.
Uses limited. Do no use near heavy machinery. Do not use when medicated, inebriated, pregnant, or sane. May cause sterility and sudden onset death. Ak'mee and Associates are not responsible for loss of life or limb.

If the portable hole is used on a wall, it will create a shimmering corridor that is 2 blocks high and 1 block wide and that emits the same particle effects as Endermen and a Nether Portal. The upper part of the corridor will always be on the same height as the block the hole was used on. If used on a floor or a ceiling, it will create a 1x1 hole. It has a limited number uses and will eventually wear down, but you can repair it using a Thaumic Restorer.

The hole has a total reach of 31 blocks. Once you have managed to open a corridor between two locations, it will stay open for only a limited amount of time. The time the hole stays open directly correlates with the length of the corridor. To be more precise, it will stay open exactly one second for every block of its length, so you'd better run through it fast, lest you get trapped once the corridor disappears and the displaced blocks return.

You cannot place any blocks in an open corridor, and when you are in the corridor yourself, you also cannot place or remove any blocks outside of it. In addition to that, you cannot shoot arrows or damage mobs from inside the corridor.

Crafting / InfusionEdit

The Portable Hole is created by infusing Enchanted Fabric with an Arcane Singularity and an Ender Pearl. The infusion process costs a total amount of 50 liquid Vis.


Besides providing you with new methods of being lazy, the portable hole can be used for a variety of purposes:

  • You can use it to find hidden cave systems and connect them to the caves you have already explored.
  • You can use it to locate hidden Crystals.
  • You can use it to lure and trap hostile mobs in the corridor. Once the displaced blocks return, the mobs will be killed.
  • If you have a Sword of the Zephyr, you can use it to quickly get back to the surface.
  • It is also used in making a Contained Emptiness upgrade

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