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Logo-TC 40 Pickaxe of the Core contains information about the ThaumCraft 2 mod.
This information may not apply to the later ThaumCraft 3 version.

This magical pickaxe smolders with inner heat. Any materials harvested are automatically smelted as if by a furnace. Holding shift supresses this power. right clicking creates a small wisp that will guide you to the most valuable item it can find nearby.

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It is clasified as Lost Knowledge, and can be enchanted.

Recipe Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Fiery Crystal

Fiery Crystal

Thaumium Pickaxe

Enchanted Wood

Fiery Crystal

Pickaxe of the Core

Usage Edit

The Pickaxe of the Core has three effects:

  • Directly smelts any block you mine. (Only smeltable and even from other mods.) Ex: If you mine stone you obtain stone instead of cobblestone, and ores like iron and gold are directly transmuted into ingots
    • You can supress this effect if you hold shift, or you can configure the mod to work only if you hold shift.
  • When right clicked the pickaxe will release a red wisp that will find and fly towards the most valuable block in your immediate area. The wisp will target precious things behind other blocks, like Crystals, Diamonds, Gold and Redstone Ores, and it will not fly through the blocks, making it easy to track.
  • Sets on fire any mob that you attack with the pickaxe.

Like all powerful Thaumic items the special effects of this pickaxe will cause its durability to degrade quickly.



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In 2.1.3b and older versions, the Pickaxe of the Core instead of smelts blocks, it instead broke multiple blocks in a 3x3x3 area of Stone like Blocks (Including Ores, Cobblestone, etc.). It can also be found in blacksmith's chest as random loot.

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