Logo-IC2 40 Painter contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
Grid Painter
Type Tool
Stackable No
Data Value dec. 5889
Mod Included IC2

A Painter is used to paint wires, wool, and construction foam walls. Only certain types of wires can be painted, and wires of different colors will not connect. This is useful for separating different sized EU packages, or preventing extra energy usage. Colored painters do not break when they run out of durability, instead, they revert to an uncolored painter.


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

White Wool

Iron Ingot

White Wool

White Wool



  • The Painter's color can be changed by using dyes.
  • The color of a painter can't be changed if it is full or partially used.
  • A Talisman of Repair will not refill the brush when depleted, regardless of what type of dust you have.
  • The Talisman will refill the brush if it is in an alchemical chest or bag.
  • Each colour of Painter has a unique ID.

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Video TutorialEdit

Technic Tutorials 1602:26

Technic Tutorials 16. Painter

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