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The Nuke (Sometimes referred to as a 'Nuclear Bomb') is an explosive that is in three modpacks: Tekkit Lite and Classic and Voltz. The one in Tekkit Lite and Classic is part of the IndustrialCraft mod (which is the nuke that we are talking about on this page). It is a far more destructive and deadly version of TNT, at roughly 5 times the power.
Feature Result
Type Explosive
Transparency No
Luminance No
Blast Resistance 0 (will ignite)
Blast Radius 35.0
Stackable? Yes (64)
Physics Only When Primed

Due to the strength of the bomb, it is strongly advised that caution is taken when handling it, as an explosion is likely to cause severe lag while blocks are removed, as well as remove nearly all life in the blast area. The Nuke's explosion radius is second to that of a Nuclear Reactor exploding.

Blowing yourself up with the nuke gives you the endgame achievement, "Crazy Ivan".


Nukes can be used for several purposes including, but not limited to:

1. Making large craters for eyecandy or entertainment

2. Cleaning forests (if placed correctly, it won't create a crater)

3. Sieging dungeons or constructions from other mods in the pack such as Millenaire villages, better dungeons-dungeons, and CARuins.

4. Killing yourself to get the "Crazy Ivan" IC2 achievement.

It is possible to create a Nuke cannon, which is similar to the Vanilla idea of a TNT cannon. You must use TNT as the charge and a single nuke as the projectile. The Nuke has a fuse that lasts ten seconds so it won't explode in mid-air but this is a safe way to fire Nukes if you do it correctly. It works with the same principle as a Vanilla TNT cannon with 4 repeaters, 2 torches and some redstone wiring needed for it's construction.


  • By default the blast radius of the nuke is 35.0, which can be edited in the Industrial Craft 2 config file under %appdata%/roaming/.techniclauncher/technicssp/config . It is capable of destroying every block except Crushed Obsidian and bedrock, making it the second-most destructive explosive after nuclear reactors.
    2012-02-20 09.55.50

    A nuke cannon, seen in creative mode.

  • To prevent lag, nukes make no drops when exploding.
  • With the introduction of modern TNT "Railcannons", The range of the ultimate "Tactical Nuke Launcher" is estimated to over 10,000 blocks.
  • Nukes flash exactly 30 times before exploding.
  • Based on testing, a nuclear explosion has its largest radius when detonated 5 or more blocks above ground level. Testing of blasts in this range averaged approximately 120 blocks in diameter, with the destruction being slightly smaller in area, but more complete, as the detonation altitude increased. Testing conducted on superflat world with default settings and Technic build.
  • If an nuke is ignited in a pocket dimension and the player left the pocket dimension and would come back after the nuke has exploded his world will crash.


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The crafting recipe for the Nuke is meant to be a secret, and is not shown by NEI.

Secret Recipe

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