Not Enough Items (commonly referred to as NEI) is a recipe book/item supplier utility included in the Technic Pack. It was created by ChickenBones. The default key to turn it on or off is O.


NEI features a GUI very similar to that of Too Many Items. A complete list of all items in the game is featured on the right side of the screen. A search bar below the player's inventory allows the player to search for a particular item and filter down the results on the right. The 'Item SubSets' button at the top can be used to fliter items into groups.

Screenshot demonstrating the ease of finding items with NEI.

Recipes for the selected item can be retrieved by mousing over the item and pressing R. If cheat mode is enabled, the player can obtain unlimited amounts of the desired item.

The player's inventory can be saved and recalled with the buttons on the left of the screen. This allows for the storage of up to seven sperate inventories. These can be renamed by right clicking on the "Save X" buttons, backspacing their current name, and then entering in the desired name and clicking off of the button.

There are also functions in the top left of the GUI. One of these changes the weather, which toggles between rainy and clear weather. Another function of these buttons is to fully heal the player, restoring both health and hunger. The sunset, noon (sun), evening ( half crescent), and midnight (crescent moon) set the time. The trash can icon will initiate Delete Mode, causing any item in your inventory to disappear when clicked. The horseshoe magnet instigates Magnet Mode, which pulls nearby items drops to the player. None of thses are useable with Recipie Mode, and only delete and magnet can be used with Utility Mode.

There is a feature called magnet mode that pulls items to the player.

You can switch between looks. One looks like TMI with complete black buttons. The other is shown in the picture above. You can switch times - sunrise, day, sunset and night. You can switch between creative and survival. You can make it rain or have no rain.


Due to the similar GUI's of both NEI and TMI, there were some allegations that NEI was copying source code from TMI. These were quickly dispelled by the creator, who published code snippets to prove that the allegations were false. A settlement between the creators was reached, and all allegations have been dropped.

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