MillenaireTempIcon Normans contains information about the Millénaire mod which is not included in the current recommended version of Technic Pack and might be outdated.

An upgraded Norman fort

The Normans are a culture in Millenaire that are known for their military, their fast population growth and for having a set of tools that are better than iron and diamond. The Norman people are considered as today's French people.


  • Village agricole (Agricultural Village)
  • Village d'artisans (Artisanal Village)
  • Village écclesiastique (Ecclesiastic Village)
  • Village militaire (Military Village)
  • Bourg autonome (Independent Town)
  • Seigneurie (lordship (Player controlled))
  • Gros bourg (Town)
    • Hameau agricole (Agricultural Hamlet)
    • Hameau abbatial (Ecclesiastic Hamlet)
    • Hameau industrieux (Industrious Hamlet)


  • Chevalier (Knight) - lives in fort from there he goes out and patrol his land. Right clicking the knight will open a pop-up which shows cultural relationships and possible housing as well as other useful information
  • Moine (Monk) - lives in Abbey
  • Seneschal - oversees agriculture production (farming)
  • Maître de guilde (Guild Master) - supervises the guild house

Unique ItemsEdit

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