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Redpower-logo1 Nikolite Ore contains information about the RedPower mod.
Nikolite Ore
Grid Nikolite Ore
Type Ore
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Tool Grid Iron Pickaxe
Stackable Yes
Data Value dec. 2314:7
Mod Included Redpower

Nikolite Ore is an ore generated by Redpower World. The Nikolite Dust that it drops is used for making Blue Alloy Ingots and Blue-Doped Wafers, the basic ingredients used in all Blutricity items.

To mine Nikolite Ore, an Iron Pickaxe or better is required. Each Nikolite Ore drops four or five Nikolite dust.

The EE2 Transmutation Tablet accepts Nikolite dust as a fuel with an EMC value of 128. This is equivalent to a piece of coal.

Nikolite is can be found around layer 12. It is easy to mistake Nikolite for diamond as they have a similar texture, especially when the light level is low.

WARNING: When in creative mode, using the pick-block key on nikolite ore will crash your world and may make it seem unplayable. If this happens, create a new world using the old world's seed, and replace the new world's /region folder with the old world's /region folder.

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Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 2-105:13

Technic Tutorials 2-1. New Ores

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