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Ores Nether
All the Nether Ores! Coal, Tin, Lapis Lazuli, Diamond, Iron, Copper, Redstone, and Gold.
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Nether Ores is a mod that adds valuable resources to the nether; however, they can be quite dangerous to acquire.


Besides the naturally harsh conditions of the nether, there are even more challenges to mining nether ores:

  1. Zombie Pigmen will attack you after you have mined these ores, even if they didn't see you do it. You can make them stop by turning the difficulty to peaceful and then back again.
  2. On occasion, nether ores will explode when mined. If, after mining a neighboring ore, you here the tnt sound, move away quickly. This can cause a chain reaction. Do not attempt to mine the ore in question. It will give you what it says is tin ore, but is unusable and cannot be stacked with actual nether tin ore. The explosion will occur regardless. The ores will never explode if mined with a mining laser.
  3. Some nether ores are hard to see. This is intentional to add to the challenge.


Furnace Macerator
Nether iron: 1 iron ore

Nether iron: 4 iron dust

Nether copper: 1 copper ore Nether copper: 2 copper ore
Nether tin: 1 tin ore

Nether tin: 2 tin ore

Nether gold: 1 gold ore

Nether gold: 4 gold dust
Nether redstone: 6 redstone dust Nether redstone: 6 redstone dust
Nether lapis lazuli: 8 lapis lazuli Nether lapis lazuli: 8 lapis lazuli
Nether diamond: 1 diamond Nether diamond: 2 diamond
Nether coal: 1 coal Nether coal: 2 coal

Note: With Nether copper and tin ore you can place the regular ores you get out of the macerator back in to get a total of 8 copper and tin dust per Nether ore.

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