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Grid Nano Saber

The Nano Saber is one of the strongest weapons available in the Technic Pack. It is used by right-clicking to turn it on, then attacking as with a normal sword. It uses up its energy only while it is turned on. The Nano Saber deals 10 hearts of damage, or 12.5 with a critical attack. If the Nano Saber is turned off it deals 2 hearts of damage. In addition, it "damages" (discharges) Nano Suits and Quantum Suits faster than any other weapon, one of its unique qualities. To charge it, the player places it in the top section of an MFE Unit or an MFSU.

In raw materials it costs:

  • 16 Coal
  • 3 Iron
  • 9 Copper
  • 6 Tin
  • 1 Diamond
  • 8 Redstone
  • 2 Glowstone dust


Crafting GUI.png

Glowstone Dust

Glowstone Dust

Carbon Plate

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Energy Crystal

Carbon Plate

Nano Saber


On some multiplayer servers, the Nano Saber can appear to turn off on its own, however it is still in the on state consuming power. For this reason it is recommended to keep in mind which state the weapon is in while using it.

Video TutorialEdit

Minecraft Technic Part 9 Nano Armour, Nano Sabre and a Rampage!10:21

Minecraft Technic Part 9 Nano Armour, Nano Sabre and a Rampage!

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