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Redpower-logo1 Monitor (RedPower) contains information about the RedPower mod.

The Monitor is used as a display device for a RedPower Central Processing Unit. It is also used as keyboard input.


Crafting GUI.png




Wooden Planks

Lime Lumar

Ribbon Cable

Wooden Planks

Red-Doped Wafer

Wooden Planks

Monitor (RedPower)

Note: The Lumar in the recipe must be Lime Lumar.


The Monitor must be connected to the CPU block, either with Ribbon Cable or by being placed adjacent to it. The Monitor only accepts user input once it is connected to a running computer.

(Note: For computer commands to work, a disk drive must be connected to the Central Processing Unit either with ribbon cable or by being placed next to it, and have the forth boot disk inserted.)

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