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This article contains information about a mod which may not yet be included in the current stable build of the Technic Pack or that has been updated since its last release. The article was added for users of the experimental builds and in anticipation of the next Technic SSP update.
Logo CC 40 Monitor (ComputerCraft) contains information about the ComputerCraft mod.

The Monitor is to be placed next to a Computer and it will display the text on the Computer on the actual Monitor block. You do not have to open a GUI to view it. You can place multiple Monitors adjacent to each other to extend onto a bigger screen.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png





Glass Pane







Place at least one Monitor right next to the Computer. Then from the computer, enter this command:

monitor (side) (program to run)

(side) = top, bottom, left, right, front, back = whichever side the Monitor is at from the Computer

(program to run) = any existing program you want to display output on the monitor

Example: monitor top MyProgram

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