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Logo-sc 40 Miningcart with Chest contains information about the Steve's Carts mod.
Miningcart with chest
Grid Miningcart with chest
Name Miningcart with chest
Mod Included Steve's Carts

Miningcart with chest

Miningcart with chest.

The Miningcart with chest is an advanced cart added by Steve's Carts. It will follow any placed rails, and as long as it has tracks in the builder, will continue to mine and place tracks along its way.


Miningcart with chest GUI

Miningcart with chest GUI.

When the Miningcart with chest is stocked with both fuel and track, it will mine a 3x3 tunnel in a straight line. It will only mine when it arrives at the end of all previously placed track. If it arrives at a gap or liquid, it will turn around and go back the way it came.


Crafting GUI.png



Miningcart with chest

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