Logo-IC2 40 Mining Laser contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

The Mining Laser is a tool that can mine blocks in a pattern. It can be powered by a LapPack, but not a BatPack. It cannot be charged in a BatBox; to charge it you put it in an MFE Unit or an MFSU.


The Mining Laser has several modes:

  • Mining: Mines in a straight line, average power.
  • Low-focus: Short Range, non-penetrating shot. Very low power.
  • Long range: Long range, penetrating shot. High power.
  • Scatter: Uses a lot of energy, fires 25 beams in a 5x5 Square, average power.
  • Explosive: Causes the shot block to explode violently.
  • Horizontal: Same as mining, but is always horizontal.
  • Superheat: Smelts ores hit by Mining laser, it also turns sand to glass.

To switch modes, hold the M key and right click to cycle through the modes.

The Mining Laser can also be called more useful than a diamond tool, due to the modes and patterns. However is potentially more dangerous as lava can be exposed very easily, possibly destroying dropped materials. Also, the mining laser has a chance of destroying the block that is being mined, so it is recommended that you use a pickaxe when mining diamond or tungsten ore.

The Mining Laser must be charged before it can be used for the first time.

Firing mode Mode description EU used per shot Damage per shot Beam travel distance Block penetration distance
Mining Normal beam, average power 1250 (160 shots) 3.5 hearts 64 blocks 6 (stone), 24 (dirt)
Low-Focus Very short-range beam, small power 100 (2000 shots) 0.5 hearts 3 blocks 1 (stone), 2 (dirt)
Long-Range High-powered beam, high power 5000 (40 shots) 10 hearts 64 blocks 27 (stone), 128+ (dirt)
Scatter 25 beams, 5x5 square formation, average power per beam 10,000 (20 shots) 2.5 hearts 64 blocks 16 (stone), 16 (dirt)
Explosive The beam explodes upon touching a block 5000 (40 shots) 3.5 hearts 64 blocks 2 (stone), 5 (dirt)
Horizontal The beam will travel perfectly horizontally. Presumed to be similar to mining mode. 1250 (160 shots) 3.5 hearts 64 blocks 6 (stone), 24 (dirt)
Super-Heat If the target can be smelted, the smelted product will be dropped instead of the block itself (eg, hit a iron ore block and an iron ingot will drop). Works on non-vanilla items, such as Redpower Basalt cobble or Forestry tin ore. Exception for cobblestone and sand; see below. 2500 (80 shots) Unknown Presumed to be 64 1 (stone), 13 (dirt)


Crafting GUI.png

Redstone Dust

Advanced Alloy

Energy Crystal

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Energy Crystal

Advanced Circuit

Advanced Alloy

Mining Laser


  • When using scatter mode frivolously, you may encounter a large and irrecoverable lag spike due to the large number of unstacked resource blocks appearing. You may need to try and wait the 6 minutes for the items to de-spawn, or try and leave the area to allieviate this.

Video TutorialEdit

Mining Laser Tutorial02:28

Mining Laser Tutorial

Mining Laser Tutorial

How To Make And Use A Mining Laser

Minecraft Technic Part 10 Mining Laser and Making a Fortune!14:07

Minecraft Technic Part 10 Mining Laser and Making a Fortune!

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