Logo-IC2 40 Miner (Terraformer Blueprint) contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.

Miner is a secret Terraformer Blueprint for the Terraformer that functions similar to the Miner but instead has a radius of 5 blocks and destroys no ores along the way.

It creates a 5 x 5 square hole from the Terraformer to bedrock, whilst leaving all ores untouched and exposed. It is less efficient than using a Miner but is useful for making deep holes for mob traps. Be advised that both man-made and natural blocks will be destroyed; the only exception is the terraformer, which is left untouched.



1. Will crash the game if used within 15 blocks of an active miner-terraformer

2. Function will be erased if you apply electricity to it, e.g. putting it in a charge pack of some sort.

3. This is not included in the 1.1 release of the Technic Pack

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