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Logo-sc 40 Minecart with Engine contains information about the Steve's Carts mod.
Minecart with Engine
Minecart with Engine
Type Cart
Stackable No
Mod Included Steve's Carts

Minecart with Engine GUI

The GUI of the minecart with engine.

The minecart with engine is an advanced cart added by Steve's Carts. It replaces the standard Furnace minecart or powered minecart, which is removed from the crafting list.

Usage Edit

This cart will move forward when given fuel. The front is the side with nothing on it. In terms of force, it is a pretty powerful cart. These carts are only slowed by control tracks, and will become stuck in one place if they run over an active one-way track or are pushed in a different direction by a boarding track. They will however be stopped by holding tracks and boarding tracks. While not moving, they will continue to use fuel. You can change the direction while it is running by physically pushing it the opposite direction. Fuel can be anything that can be burned in a furnace. Its uses are fairly limited, but can be used to push other carts along and can be linked to other carts using the crowbar as the engine for a train.

Fuel Edit

  • NOTE: minecarts with engines consume 20 units of fuel every second.
  • Reed: 112 Units
  • Stick: 225 Units
  • Plank: 675 Units
  • Wood: 675 Units
  • Scrap: 800 Units
  • Coal: 3600 Units
  • Coal Coke: 7200 Units


Crafting the cart can be easily done through the Cart Manager.

Crafting GUI.png

Engine (Steve's Carts)


Minecart with Engine