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The Millenaire mod has been removed from recent Technic builds because of performance issues. See this blog post for detailed reasons.

Millénaire is a mod included in the Technic Pack. It was created by Kinniken.

Millénaire is designed to fill and populate an empty single player world to add interactiveness and an increased feeling of adventure to an otherwise lonely SSP landscape. It primarily achieves this by adding villages populated with NPC villagers. Though it also adds items, custom blocks, and many quests including a quest chain called the Creation Quest to set the player various challenges.

There are no 'goals' of Millénaire, the idea is to interact and trade with different cultures while bettering your reputation with them. This can lead to them building you your own home and giving you an area of land within their town to even letting you run your own village of that culture.


Main article: Villages (Millenaire)

A typical NPC village.

Villages will randomly generate and appear on the map for the player to discover when exploring the world. Any villages that are spawned when the world is created are 'independent' and the player cannot control them. Pressing 'N' will give a list of any nearby villages. Awesome for quick village raids.


In Millénaire, all villages are part of a certain culture. There are four cultures currently available, all of which with different aesthetic and behavioral differences:

Other StructuresEdit

Along with villages, lone buildings such as huts, ruins, and even lone lumberjacks may be generated in the world.

While some contain friendly NPC's that will trade with you and offer you shelter, others are populated with Outlaws that will attack on sight. Killing them will allow the looting of their items and may yield valuable treasure.


Main Article: Trading (Millenaire)

You can trade with all willing friendly NPC's. NPC's will only have a limited number of items to trade with you and will only accept certain items as payments. The items that they don't have when their village starts out may become available later when the village grows. Prices vary from village to village and culture to culture. This means that profit can be made by trading certain items in certain villages. Trading is carried out via an in-game GUI.


Quests can be given by villagers to the player. By completing these quests, the player can earn reputation, money, or items. Current quests needing to be completed can be viewed by pressing 'M'.

Creation QuestEdit

Main Article: Creation Quest (Millenaire)

The Creation Quest is one of the ultimate challenges of Millénaire. It is a series of tasks that have to be performed by the player.

The purpose of the Creation quest is to allow the player to explore the origins of the Minecraft world, and the role of the Millénaire cultures in it. It currently unfinished but is as of now split into two chapters, which are in turn sub-divided into individual quests.

  1. The Sadhu
  2. The Alchemist


Main Article: Controlled Villages (Millenaire)

A Summoning Wand can be used to generate new villages. Villages can be independent or player controlled, depending on player status and reputation. This will allow the player to order the construction of new buildings, amongst other things. The resources in these 'controlled villages' are also free for the player to use.

External LinksEdit

Official website


  • Millenaires are sometimes unaffected by fire
  • When building, they sometimes glitch and will run around in a circle for a long period of time. 
  • When building, they can accidentally seal other Millenaires in a wall if they're standing in the way.
  • When building, Millenaires can accidentally seal themselves in a wall, as the automatic building process can go faster than the Millenaire itself. In order to continue building, the player must help them escape.

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