Logo-EE 40 Mercurial Eye is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Mercurial Eye
Grid Mercurial Eye
Type Tool
Stackable No
EMC Value 476,544
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Mercurial Eye is the "Building Tool of Choice" for Alchemists. Powered by a Klein Star, the Mercurial Eye turns raw EMC into the players choice of block and places 'nicely stacked walls' of target block or smooth walls. If you want, the Mercurial Eye can transmute the target block into a block of your choice using the existing block's EMC to defray the cost of replacing.


The Mercurial Eye has the power to build walls straight from the energy source of a Klein Star. To change the area covered by the Eye, press the 'charge' key (default V). To open its GUI, press the 'extra' key (default C). To change its mode, press the toggle Key (default G).

Eyes are attached to their users - if you lose or destroy one with a Star or targeted block still within, the internal inventory will persist until you get a second one.

Upon opening, you will see a target slot, used to select the block of choice, and a Klein Star, which you are required to give power. It's possible to place non-block place-able items in the Target slot, such as Ladders, but the item will not be placed correctly, and will drop once the block is updated. The Mercurial Eye has 4 modes:

  • Creation Mode - Fills air, water, or lava in a square 1 block in front of the aimed face. The square is 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 blocks on a side, depending on charge. The face of the square is toward the player; carefully aiming at the side of a block will extend the square from that side. Solid blocks already in the filled area will not be changed. The filled area may include the player, leading to suffocation.
  • Extension Mode - Similar to creation mode, but the filled square includes the aimed-face block. Also like creation mode, the extension will be to the nearest perpendicular relative to the player, so careful aim can be used to create right angles. Directly facing the aimed side extends it like a wall, floor, or ceiling. The square is charged to 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 blocks on a side, and solid blocks are not affected.
  • Pillar-Extension Mode - This mode creates a pillar which extends in the opposite direction of the aimed face regardless of player location. The eye fills any air, water, or lava blocks in a 3×3 square and extended to a certain depth (3, 6, 9, 12, or 15 depending on charge.) Any solid blocks in that volume will not be changed.
  • Transmutation Mode - The opposite of extension mode: will not fill empty blocks, but transmutes any solid blocks within the affected square. Charge levels and orientation are identical to extension mode. If the total EMC of the new blocks is greater, this costs charge. If the new blocks cost less EMC, the Mercurial Eye gains the difference in charge. Blocks without EMC, such as ores or unassigned blocks from other mods, are not affected.


Crafting GUI.png





Red Matter





Mercurial Eye


If you attempt to place a non 1x1x1 block your world will crash.

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