Logo-IC2 40 Mass Fabricator contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
Mass Fabricator
Block Mass Fabricator
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench (Industrialcraft)
Stackable No
Mod Included Industrial Craft

The Mass Fabricator is an advanced machine that requires 1,000,000 EU to generate UU-Matter, and because of this, it is a considerably high-cost piece of technology. This material, in return, is capable of creating almost everything in Minecraft itself, with exceptions (e.g. Bedrock)

Scrap will greatly increase the speed and reduce the cost of the fabricator by 6 times. Scrap is consumed in the process, a total of 34 Scrap is needed to create Matter at maximum efficiency. To produce enough scrap to run the fabricator constantly, you need one Recycler for every 17.86 EU/t input (approximately).


MassFabrication GUI


Crafting GUI.png

Glowstone Dust

Advanced Machine Block

Glowstone Dust

Advanced Circuit

Lapotron Crystal

Advanced Circuit

Glowstone Dust

Advanced Machine Block

Glowstone Dust

Mass Fabricator


  • The Mass Fab will take 512 EU/t via Glass Fiber Cable, straight from an MFSU without need of step-down transformers. However, feeding it EV (from a high-output nuclear reactor or an HV transformer with a Redstone signal) will result in a powerful explosion (bigger than TNT but still much smaller than a nuke).
  • Like most machines, you can actually feed a Mass Fabricator more than 512 EU/t (up to infinity), as long as each EU packet is 512 EU or smaller (e.g. using multiple MFSUs in parallel). However, due to the way the Mass Fabricator consumes scrap, exceeding 1000 EU/t will result in the Mass Fabricator not consuming scrap as quickly as it should to maximize energy efficiency. It is recommended, therefore, to have one Mass Fabricator per 1000 EU/t of power.

Video Tutorial Edit

Minecraft Technic Part 16 MFSU and the Mass Fabricator!08:04

Minecraft Technic Part 16 MFSU and the Mass Fabricator!

Tekkit Tutorials - IC2 5 - Mass Fabricators and UU-Matter05:35

Tekkit Tutorials - IC2 5 - Mass Fabricators and UU-Matter

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