TE box Magma Crucible contains information about the Thermal Expansion mod.

The Magma Crucible is a Thermal Expansion machine that melts Cobblestone, Stone, Obsidian or Netherrack into Lava. It allows the player to obtain lava without long strings of pipes to lava pools or volcanoes. The lava generated by the machine can be stored in the machine and extracted with a bucket or pumped out by BuildCraft Waterproof Pipes. The side that you wish to pump the lava from must be configured to allow output.

Minecraft Raw Tutorial - Magma Crucible03:28

Minecraft Raw Tutorial - Magma Crucible


Crafting GUI.png

Nether Brick


Machine Chassis

Redstone Power Coil

Nether Brick

Magma Crucible

Magma Crucible (Thermal Expansion) - Minecraft Mod Tutorial07:57

Magma Crucible (Thermal Expansion) - Minecraft Mod Tutorial

Magma Crucible Tutorial Thermal Expansion03:11

Magma Crucible Tutorial Thermal Expansion


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