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Logo-IC2 40 MV Transformer contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
MV Transformer
Block MV Transformer
Type Transformer
Tool Grid Wrench (Industrialcraft)
Stackable No
Mod Included Industrial Craft

The Medium Voltage Transformer is used to turn High Voltage to Medium Voltage, or vice versa. High Voltage energy is capable of travelling further distances with less loss in power than Medium voltage energy.


Remember when using any transformer that the one dotted face is lower current and the three-dotted face is higher current. If you want to change the sides they are facing right click the one-dotted face with an industrial craft wrench. By default, an MV transformer will take high voltage input on the side with three dots, and output a medium voltage current on the others. However, you can supply it with a Medium voltage current on any side with a single dot in order to get a high voltage output on the side with three dots. In order to use it to step up the voltage, you need to apply a redstone current. You do not need redstone to step current down.

When using the MV transformer to convert HV (512) into MV (128) no redstone signal is needed. The proper way to have energy flow from a MFS Unit to a MFE (converting 512 to 128) is to just place the MV-Transformer's 3-dot face against the MFS Unit. the 3 dot face doesn't actually mean output here, just means the higher voltage side. Please test this for yourself

Be aware that High Voltage Energy will cause nearly all conventional machines to explode other than the High Voltage Transformer and the MFS Unit (which stores 10 million EU). To succesfully make high voltage energy and turn it back safely you will need one low voltage transformer, and one medium voltage transformer. Also during this system of energy transference you will lose energy but less than if you were to keep it as normal EU.


EU (no/yes redstone signal)


512 (HV) or 128 (MV)


128 (MV) or 512 (HV)




Before Tekkit 3.1.1:


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