Logo-EE 40 Loot Ball is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.

The Loot Ball is an item dropped when using some dark/red matter tools or the Destruction Catalyst. When these tools' special ability is used to destroy more then one block at once, a loot ball will drop containing all the materials that would have dropped separately if collected normally. The loot ball has two main purposes: to reduce lag, and to save the player from walking around collecting the items manually (and potentially missing some). A loot ball can be collected using an obsidian pipe or a black hole band with an alchemical chest or DM pedestal, but if you do this the items in the loot ball cannot be obtained and the loot ball will be useless. If you put the loot ball on a DM Pedestal , the pedestal will spit the ball out and you will obtain what ever items compressed in the ball when you grab it.

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