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Logo-IC2 40 LapPack contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
The LapPack is an upgraded version of the BatPack. It can hold 300,000 EU. The LapPack can power the Mining Drill, Diamond Drill, Electric Wrench, and Chainsaw. Additionally, the LapPack can power the Mining Laser and the Nano Saber; these cannot be powered by the BatPack. Unlike the BatPack, the LapPack can not be used to power machines.


  • The LapPack can only be charged in an MFE or MFSU .
  • The LapPack can be used in advanced machines.(Induction furnace,Rotary macerator..) and it can be used in a normal machine if you add a voltage upgrade. (similarly, lapotron crystals may be used if you include 2 voltage upgrades)

Video TutorialEdit

Minecraft Technic Part 15 Geothermal Generator and the LapPack!(10:07)

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