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Logo-IC2 40 LV Transformer contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
LV Transformer
Block LV Transformer
Type Transformer
Tool Grid Wrench (Industrialcraft)
Stackable No
Mod Included Industrial Craft

The LV Transformer is a very cheap transformer which is made from wood, insulated Copper Cable and Copper. By default, the LV transformer will take a medium voltage current (128 EU/t) on the medium voltage face, or the one with three dots. It will then output a low voltage current (32 EU/t) on the remaining faces.

However, if supplied with a redstone current, the LV transformer can take a low voltage input, and give a medium voltage output on the medium voltage face. If you do not supply the redstone current to the LV transformer when attempting to turn LV current to MV, no current will flow.

Be sure not to have an incoming voltage of greater than 128 EU or it will count as High Voltage. However, note that insulated gold cable must be used to transfer energy from an MFE to the LV Transformer. Insulated Copper Cable only carries 32EU, and will vanish when it is used to connect the Transformer and MFE.


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