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Redpower-logo1 Redpower Wiring contains information about the RedPower mod.
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The wiring-based section of the Redpower mod is the oldest and probably most popular part of the mod. The wiring completely overhauls Redstone wiring, and provides lots of functions desired by many people for a long time. For instance, all Redpower wires are capable of going up walls and across ceilings, but this is really just the beginning.

Red Alloy WireEdit

Red Alloy Wire
Grid Red Alloy Wire
Name Red Alloy Wire
Type Wire
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance When active
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec. 2301:256
Mod Included RedPower

In terms of functionality, the Red Alloy Wires are pretty similar to vanilla Redstone, but they can also be run on the wall and the ceiling and they will transmit a signal for 255 blocks. They connect to themselves and to all blocks that accept or emit a Redstone signal, and they will also transmit a signal to the block they are sitting upon. In addition to that, they will also connect to any color of insulated wire. The Red Alloy Wires will not connect to Bundled Cables

Insulated WireEdit

Insulated Wire
Grid Insulated Wire
Name Insulated Wire
Type Wire
Physics No
Transparency No
Luminance No
Stackable Yes (64)
Data Value dec. 2301:512 - 2301:527
Mod Included RedPower

Like their uninsulated counterparts, Insulated Wires can be placed almost anywhere and transmit a signal over a long distance. But these will only connect to blocks that accept or emit redstone signals, themselves and uninsulated wire. They will not give the signal to the blocks they sit upon. They will especially not connect to Insulated Wires of a different color. This allows multiple wires to run right next to each other without interference. They are also needed if you want to connect to Bundled Cables. Insulated Wires are available in 16 different colors, one for each unique dye.

Bundled CableEdit

Bundled Cables allow for the tightest wiring in this mod. A Redstone signal supplied to the cable from Insulated Wires will only transfer to other wires of the same colour attached to the cable. Every Bundled Cable supports transmission of all 16 colors of Insulated Wire in just one block. Bundled Cables can only be connected to other bundled cables (and their colored and jacketed variations and insulated wires). Every color of wire will give the same basic uncolored Bundled Cable. Keep in mind that you have to use the same color for all five Insulated Cables in the recipe.

Colored Bundled CableEdit


All 16 Colored Bundled Cables.

Colored Bundled Cables allow for the same tight wiring as uncolored ones but will have an extra ribbon around the bundle. Colored Bundled Cables can only be connected to other bundled cables of the same color, uncolored Cable Bundles and insulated wires. There are 16 Colored Bundled Cables in total, one for each unique dye (just substitute the Bone Meal with the corresponding dye).

Jacketed WireEdit

Jacketed Wires are self-supporting and do not require a surface to sit upon. It can be connected ("stitched") to regular wires on a surface by placing a piece of Red Alloy Wire on the surface you want it to connect to. They can be made from any material that can be cut into covers, and are named accordingly (for example, if made with Block Covers cut from regular stone , the item name would be "Stone Jacketed Wire"). Equivalent jacketed wires for blutricity can be made similarly.

Jacketed CableEdit

Jacketed Cables are the self-supporting version of bundled cables. They do not require a surface to sit upon. They can be made from any material that can be cut into covers and an uncolored bundled cable in the center. It cannot be crafted from colored cables. It will also only connect ("stitched") to a surface with an uncolored cable.

Recoloring Wires and CablesEdit

Pretty much every colored wire or cable can be recolored by simply applying the dye of your choice and will instantly yield the desired color of your wire or cable.


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Technic Tutorials 25 02:39

Technic Tutorials 25. Red Alloy Wire

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