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Redpower-logo1 Handsaw contains information about the RedPower mod.

The Handsaw is a RedPower tool used to create small blocks for covering wires and decoration.


The handsaw allows you to manipulate the shape and form of almost every block. You can use those blocks for aesthetic purposes or to keep Pneumatic Tubes and Red Alloy Wires from connecting to each other in a tight space. This allows you to create very compact Redstone circuitry. Crafting the Diamond Handsaw gives you the "It Slices! It Dices!" achievement.

See Cutting Recipes for an overview of the blocks you can create with the handsaws.


The microblocks produced by Handsaws can be used to cover pipes and redsto

A robot made out of Ruby Microblocks.

ne circuits, as well to build statues.


There are three different types of handsaw. The most basic one is created with an iron sawblade, and it can cut only soft blocks like wood or dirt. You can create an improved version with either Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald, with which you can cut all but the hardest blocks.

Iron Handsaw

Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Handsaw

Diamond Handsaw

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