Logo-EE 40 Interdiction Torch is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Interdiction Torch
Grid Interdiction Torch
Type Light source
Physics No
Luminance Yes
Stackable Yes
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Interdiction Torch has the same push-force effect as an activated Rending Gale, with a 4-block radius. All mobs that try to get in within the radius are repelled. All projectiles are also repelled. Generally, a single torch can protect a player when placed on the ground, and a torch or two in a mining tunnel will guarantee virtually anything to be barred from entry

In addition, putting an Interdiction Torch in an Alchemical Chest will cause it to produce a light level of 15 and repel mobs. This does NOT work in an Alchemy Bag. The fact that it emits light means that it has ability to act as a Glowstone block above a Collector, giving a buffer to remove items from and additionally powering the Collector.

Note: Mobs added by mods are not affected by interdiction torches!

2012-07-26 10.58.35

Two Interdiction Torches in action


Crafting GUI.png

Redstone Torch


Glowstone Dust


Philosopher's Stone

Glowstone Dust

Redstone Torch


Glowstone Dust

Interdiction Torch


EMC CompositionEdit

2 x 68 (Redstone Torch) + 3 x 8192 (Diamond) + 3 x 384 (Glowstone Dust) + (1 x 9984 (Philosopher's Stone) although it is returned) = 25864 EMC per 2, or 12,932 EMC each.


If you use the "Single Player Commands" mod and enter the command "time night" when it is already night, all Interdiction Torches become ineffective, even if you place new ones. The only way to restore them is to enter the command "time day".

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