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Logo tutorial 40 Infinite EMC: Cobblestone Slab Cycle is a Tutorial.
Logo-EE 40 Infinite EMC: Cobblestone Slab Cycle is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
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The magical EMC machine.

Infinite EMC tutorialEdit

For those who cannot afford Energy Collectors, or consider them as cheating, this method of EMC is for you! Granted, it’s rather slow, but it’s also very cheap.

Checklist of IngredientsEdit

You will need: 1. One Energy Condenser 2. One Automatic Crafting Table 3. Two Redstone Engines 4. Two Wooden Pipes 5. Four Stone Pipes (or Cobblestone Pipes) 6. Two Redstone Torches (or Levers, or any source of redstone power) 7. Seven Cobblestone blocks

Step-by-step InstructionsEdit

1. Place your Energy condenser.

01 Condenser so

2. Dig a two-deep hole to the right of the Energy Condenser.

02 Two deep

This is not too deep.

3. Place a Redstone Torch at the bottom.

03 Torch-in-the-Hole

Torch in a hole!

4. Place a Redstone Engine on the torch.

04 Redstone Engine on top

Engine on top!

5. Place a Wooden Pipe on the engine.

05 Wooden Pipe to top it off

...and a Wooden Pipe to top it off!

6. Place the Automatic Crafting Table to the right of the wooden pipe.

06 Placement of ACT

It's like a little family!

7. Dig a two-deep hole behind the Automatic Crafting Table.

07 Two deep again

Another two deep hole.

8. Put a Redstone Torch at the bottom, a Redstone Engine on the torch and a Wooden Pipe on the engine, same as before. (Area cleared for better viewing; you don’t really need this hole)

08 Obstruction cleared

It's a redstone cake!

9. Use the Stone Pipe to connect the Wooden Pipe to the Energy Condenser.

09 Stone Pipes behind

Pipes in the background.

10. Place one Cobblestone in the Energy Condenser’s target slot and six in the Automatic Crafting Table to make Cobblestone Slabs.

10 Condenser target slot

Condenser GUI.

11 ACT prep


Voila! Infinite EMC!

How it works:Edit

12 How it works

The lines of operation.

The EMC value of Cobblestone is 1. Cobblestone Slab also has a value of 1 EMC. It takes three Cobblestone to make six Cobblestone Slabs, so the EMC value doubles.

The Energy condenser is making 1 Cobblestone for every 1 Slab, and the Automatic Crafting Table is making 2 Slabs for every Cobblestone. Deja et deja.


14 Expensive stuff

The fastest, most expensive CSC out there!

Try replacing some of the Stone Pipe with Gold Pipe. You will need to power them with redstone. Use Fast Electric Engines (if in Technic) but avoid Combustion Engines. The source of their power in this picture is a High Voltage Solar Array.

15 Filters and Pneumatic Pipes

Redpower version.

You can attempt a build using Filters and Pneumatic Tubes. I have been unable to get this to work, however. In the picture, the cycle is Energy Condenser>Filter>Pneumatic Pipe>ACT>Filter>Pneumatic Pipe>Energy Condenser. I used timers to trigger the Filters. The problem was that the Filters weren’t pulling Cobblestone Slabs, probably because the Slabs aren’t really there but can be crafted from the ACT.

In order for this method to work, you will need to put the filter on top of the crafting table. Also an Automatic Crafting Table MkII is required for the Filters to recognise the craft.

EMC cost:Edit

Energy Condenser (42,011) + Automatic Crafting Table (48) + Redstone Engines (405)x2 + Wooden Pipe (17)x4 + Stone Pipe (8)x4 +Redstone Torch (68)x2 + Cobblestone (1)x7 = 43,044 EMC

Stacking Instructions:Edit

Lower cost and smaller footprint version:Edit


With levers under the cobblestone pipes and the condenser touching the Autocraft Table you get a 3x2x2 setup that gets rid of redstone torches and reduces travel time.

This design is meant for the Cobblestone Slab Cycle.  If using "Stick/Ladder" an extra redstone engine (or 2) is suggested on the wood pipe coming out of the condenser. (out of sync with the other one) That will double the generation speed and keep the AutoCrafts' engine from overheating from not having ladders to pull.

Manually grabbing a stack from the Condenser and putting it in the table will also help discharge the build up.

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