Logo tutorial 40 Inchworm Drive is a Tutorial.
Redpower-logo1 Inchworm Drive contains information about the RedPower mod.

Inchworm Drive is a method of propelling Minecraft blocks using a RedPower Frame Motors. It allows players to create all kind of vechicles, from mining drills to spaceships.

How it works Edit

Every direction of movement requires two frame motors to operate. Both motors must face the same direction. The movement has two phases:

  1. First motor moves the second motor by one block.
  2. The second motor moves the whole frame by 1 block, along with the first motor. Second motor stays in place.

It's important to provide Bluetricity to every motor in both phases (it's not shown in the picture!) and a redstone signal. The top motor mustn't have a frame block above it in the first phase, unless it's Covered. In the second phase, a frame above the second motor is obligatory!

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