This is Daxturus's guide to getting rid of the horrible taint in an area by distributing it somewhere else.Yeah, let's say you were an awesome thaumaturge, and all of a sudden your house is standing on taint.Don't just stand there and let Tainted Chickens eat you alive, DO SOMETHING! But don't nuke your place, it will ruin it and sometime later the taint will come back once more!

How to do so

You will need some Vis Filters, a lot of Vis Conduits,a Vis Condenser ,a Concentrated Evil Upgrade, 5+ Tainted Crystals, and Silverwood if you want.

Step 1- Put a concentrated evil upgrade and your tainted crystals in the vis condenser.

Step 2- Make a really long conduit branching off into different, faraway chunks.

Step 3- Put vis filters on the end of those branches.

Step 4- Watch all the taint spread evenly into different chunks.

Step 5(OPTIONAL)- If the taint does not go away, put Silverwood around your base.This will help it go away faster by removing it.

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps you! No more taint for your place!

One more thing:Multiples of these will make taint dissapear faster. Take note of that.

Here are BoilingOil's additional options:

Step 6- Build large Silverwood Trees around your base, and place seals on them with Dark/Magic/Magic essences on it. Both the Silverwood logs, the leaves and the seal will help.

(Yes, I said *build* the trees, because there are no Silverwood Saplings. You'll have to take down trees elsewhere - including the leaves -, and re-create them block by block yourself.)

Step 7- In stead of moving the problem to another area, store the collected Taint in a couple of Thaumium-Reinforced Tanks, and then pump it through a number of Purifiers repeatedly. In fact, also do this with the Taint contaminating the Vis from your Crucibles: separate Taint from Vis using Advanced Vis Valves, store them in separate tanks, and keep purifying the Taint, until it's gone.

Step 8- Totems of Dawn do a better job staving off the Taint then just Silverwood.

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