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Logo moc 40 Horse contains information about the Mo' Creatures mod.
Mo Creatures Horses
Spawn Grass blocks in the day
Drops Leather
Mob Type Passive (Most breeds)

== Horses are ride-able mounts that can be found in the wild. They are mainly used to speed up travel time. (use the L-Shift key to get off the horse) When riding a horse, you run super fast if holding a mouse, bunny, or turtle. == == Horses are ride-able mounts that can be found in the wild. They are mainly used to speed up travel time. (use the L-Shift key to get off the horse) When riding a horse, you run super fast if holding a mouse, bunny, or turtle. ==


Tameable Wild HorsesEdit

35 breeds of horse and horse-like creatures can be tamed or created, from common horses, to the exotic Zebra, to mythical creatures like the Unicorn and Pegasus.

These breeds are obtained in a variety of ways, and provide a variety of benefits—not least among them being a swift method of transportation.

Natural BreedsEdit

7 breeds spawn naturally in the Overworld.

5 breeds of the common horse are distinguishable by their face and coloration.

2 more breeds, the Donkey and the Zebra, also spawn naturally in the Overworld:

Cross-Breeds Edit

12 breeds can be obtained through non-magical cross-breeding.

9 of these are obtained by cross-breeding the five common horses, and their offspring, in various combinations:

3 more cross-breeds result from combinations that include a Zebra and/or a Donkey:

Rare HorsesEdit

The remaining 16 breeds of horse are obtained via mystical means, some spawned at night and in caves: Edit


A zebra is a striped horse, They make different noises to horses, however. Zebras drop 0-2 leather if they are killed. They are needed to create most of the rarer horses, including unicorns, nightmares and bat horses. Zebras can only be tamed whilst riding a cow horse or a lepored horse, another zebra, or any tier 4 horses; otherwise they will just flee from the player.You can see how to get a "cow horse" by looking at this video:  



Zorses are made when you breed a Zebra with any other horse. They can be used to approach other zebras to tame them. If you are looking to breed horses, you should keep at least two in your stables. The Zorse is the primary step to the advanced breeds. ( and a few potions.)



Another naturally spawning horse. Donkeys can be tamed in the same way as a horse, and can be used to breed a mule (with any other horse) or zonkey (with a zebra). If you Right Click with a chest, you will get extra storage.



Mules are a dark brown, with a white patch on their nose. They have the same long ears as a donkey and can carry bags if given a chest. They are bred by breeding a donkey with any other horse (but not with rare horses or zebras).

In order tre given after adding the backpack whilst not riding.  



A zonkey is obtained by breeding a donkey with a zebra and look like a zorse with long ears. These cannot be bred, similar to mules. These cannot be ridden to tame zebras with, the zebras will just run away.

Undead Horses (Horse mob)Edit

Undead horses (also known as horse mob) normally spawn at night. They are normally hostile and are sometimes found with a skeleton or zombie rider. There are two types. The zombie horse, which has green rotting flesh that keeps dropping off, and the skeleton horse, which is just bones. These horses cannot be tamed the normal way. You need to have a normal horse and Essence of Undead, made with the Heart of Undead , a drop from them. You will need to feed the potion to the tamed horse and it will turn into a zombie horse. But over time the horse's flesh will drop away, leaving a skeleton horse. There is no way of stopping this. To heal them, you need to use the potion they were created with . If you do the same with a pegasus or bat horse, you will get an undead pegasus which will fly. Whilst riding an undead horse, monsters will not attack you.

The last horse mob is the ghost horse. This creature can only be obtained by killing horses. There are two versions, the normal and flying. A flying ghost horse can be obtained by killing a pegasus or bat horse. They have a 1/10 chance of being replaced with a ghost. You will hear a twinkling noise when it has worked. A normal ghost horse can be obtained by killing any rare horse. Again, you will hear a twinkling noise when it has worked. You are able to place crystal armor on both ghost horses even though they are dead.


Bat Horse

Bat HorseEdit

Bat horses are hostile mobs that spawn either in caves or in the open, similar to undead horses. To tame one, kill wild bathorses until they drop a dark heart. Make a dark essence and feed it to a zorse. Bathorses can be given a storage chest and can wear crystal armour.

Press and hold down the jump button (default is spacebar) in order to fly upwards. Release it to slowly descend. Flying horses will flap their wings while they are ascending, but they will glide (with the occasional flap) whilst descending.

Unicorn Horse


These are horses with horns. They move slightly faster than a normal horse, and leave sparkles when they jump. These horses have the ability to jump significantly higher than others, but their best use is for breeding. When killed, they may drop a Unicorn Horn, which is used for making Fairy Amulets. Also, when a whip is used on them while being ridden, they will lower their heads and attack mobs you run into.


The pegasus is one of the rarest horses. They can be obtained by breeding, with the help of some potions. If you give a bat horse Essence of light, it will transform into a pegasus. However, the bat horse must be above the cloud level for it to work. They can be healed by essence of light.

Press and hold down the jump button (default is spacebar) in order to fly upwards. Release it to slowly descend. Flying horses will flap their wings while they are ascending, but they will glide (with the occasional flap) whilst descending.



Nightmares can be found in the nether as a hostile mob.  They can be obtained if you feed a zorse Essence of Fire or by breeding a Unicorn and a regular Pegasus using Pumpkin. If bred with a regular pegasus you will get a winged Nightmare or Dark Pegasus. They have a unique ability to leave a trail of fire behind them. To activate this feed one redstone, or hit the ground around it with a whip.
Black Pegasus

Black PegasusEdit

Black Pegasi can only be obtained from normal pegasi and Essence of darkness . You need to wait until your pegasi is above the cloud-line (like the bathorse, it must be standing, not flying) and then feed it essence of darkness. To heal one, just feed it more essence of darkness. Also a Black Pegasus can be right-clicked with a Chest for extra storage. When a chest is placed on the Black Pegasus, you are given a key, which you can use to access the chest on the pegasus.

Press and hold down the jump button (default is spacebar) in order to fly upwards. Release it to slowly descend. Flying horses will flap their wings while they are ascending, but they will glide (with the occasional flap) whilst descending.  

As of Technic 7.2 mating a Black Pegasi with a Unicorn will produce a normal horse, instead of a fairy horse as with a typical Pegasi and Unicorn mating.

Fairy HorseEdit

Fairy horses are the rarest horses in the game. They can only be obtained through breeding. If you breed a pegasus and a unicorn (Feed them Essence of Light , not pumpkin ) together you will get a fairy horse. However, you will lose both of the parents. You will however get a sky amulet, armor and saddles back. You can use the sky amulet to get the Pegasus back. you can breed 2 white fairy horses together to get another horse(you keep both parents, unlike if you breed pink or blue).A fairy horse needs to grow naturally when fully grown it is tamed and only needs a Horse Saddle . Fairy horses can do the same things as unicorns and pegasi can, such as flying and charging. If fed one Light Blue Dye , it will turn it blue, if fed one Pink Dye , it will turn pink. To name/tame it, click on it with a medallion. If you use the Sky Amulet you got when the Fairy Horse was born you release your Pegasus. It can be placed back in side the amulet by right clicking with the amulet again when you are ready to store him again.

Note: If you put your baby Fairy horse in a Fairy Amulet then spawn it back out again it will be full grown.

Note: You can dye a fairy horse any color dye in the latest version.


Taming horses is a simple process. You must feed them to reduce their temper. Each type of horse has an amount of temper that must be removed before it is considered tame. Different foods will reduce temper by different amounts. Here are all foods that can currently (V2.7) be used to reduce temper. Once tamed a horse will not despawn. Now you must put a Horse Saddle on the Horse by holding the saddle and right clicking on the horse

Food Effect
Wheat (Hay Stack) -25 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Sugar Cube -50 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Bread -100 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Apple Instantly tames

To feed a horse, hold the food you wish to feed it then right click on the horse. As of V2.7 and earlier there is a bug that causes you to eat a sugar Lump when feeding it to a horse, using 2 Sugar Lumps per right click. After reducing temper to 25 or lower the horse must be ridden to complete taming. An additional feeding may be necessary whilst on the horse, giving the player a prompt to name your pet. It is recommended that you reduce temper as much as possible before attempting to ride a horse. To ride a horse right click it while not holding food. To get off a horse, press left shift. While being tamed, horses will buck you off, possibly several times, possibly causing fall damage. You cannot ride an untamed horse in water. Feeding it an apple will to heal act as if its a new horse and you can rename him.


(There are no graphic depictions or otherwise inappropriate material when breeding horses)


Horse Breeding Chart

To breed horses you will require:
  • 2 pumpkins /mushroom soup/cake
  • 2 non-sterile or Fertile horses (accepts pumpkins, mushroom soup or cake (Essence of light in the case of unicorns and pegasi)
  • A place where they are within 4 squares of each other and 8 squares minimum away from you and other horses
  • 5 minutes or half a Minecraft day

To breed horses you need to give each of the them a pumpkin or mushroom soup. One of the two that you feed the pumpkin/soup to will become sterile and not be able to breed again unless "Easy Breeding" is on in the mod's options when the foal is born. Turning Easy Breeding on after a horse becomes sterile will not allow it to breed. After about 5 minutes there will be a third horse. The exact type of breed is determined by the appearance of the parent horses.  

Before you can put a saddle on the new horse it must be fully grown. This happens naturally over the course of several minutes. To speed up the growing process, feed the horse (this may not count towards reducing their temper). If you wish to breed a Unicorn with a Pegasus to make a Fairy Horse, you must feed an Essence of Light to both parents.  

To breed a Cow Horse (you must be on this to tame a Zebra), look at the breeding chart and breed horses acording. To tame a Zebra give it an apple then place a  horse saddle (no normal saddle!) on it rope it and take it home. It will follow you with the rope.

Essences, Horse Armor and AmuletsEdit

There are four essences:

They are all used to get certain breeds of horses you can't breed.

Horse Armor is used to protect your horses. There are four types. Iron, gold, diamond and crystal. Crystal will only work on rare horses, such as bat horses, pegasi, fairy horses, and unicorns. No armor works on donkeys, zebras, nightmares, undead, or skeleton horses. To put it on, right click the horse whilst holding it in your hand. You can remove the armor if you don't like it by using shears on them, however it will also remove the saddle.

Storage Amulets

Amulet of Bone

Stores a Skeleton Horse

Sky Amulet

Stores a Pegasus

Amulet of Fairy

Stores a Fairy Horse

Ghost Amulet

Stores a Ghost Horse

However, when you store a Fairy horse, Skeleton Horse, Pegasus or ghost horse in an amulet, their armor will fall off, though this will supposedly change in later versions. When a special horse is stored inside an amulet and brought back out, its name will be removed. Special horses CANNOT be renamed by giving it an apple as with regular horses, so be thoughtful when choosing a name. But! You can re-Name your horse with an Medallion.

Proper Storage and CareEdit

Hictures of the Stables and Breeding Stall.


  • If you put a rabbit on your head and ride a horse it gallops faster and jumps farther.

Video TutorialEdit

Technic Tutorials 40 05:25

Technic Tutorials 40. Horse Taming

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