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Logo-TC 40 Hoe of the Mystic contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.

This mystical hoe is capable of tilling or harvesting a large field at once, holding shift supresses this power. It is possible for a Hoe of the Mystic to spawn inside a dungeon chest.


Crafting GUI.png

Vis Crystal

Vis Crystal

Thaumium Hoe

Enchanted Wood

Hoe of the Mystic


A tempermental and chaotic tool when in the hands of an inexperienced user. It tills in a random pattern; when the user clicks on untilled soil, it will till that block and then randomly select an adjacent block for tilling. It can not cut bushes, and can go as far as 16 blocks from the starting point. If the user doesn't place any seeds, the dirt will become untilled, as usual.

The tool harvests all wheat when using to break one of them.

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