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Logo tutorial 40 Getting started: Mystcraft is a Tutorial.
Logo-myc 40 Getting started: Mystcraft contains information about the Mystcraft mod.

When entering an Age be sure to bring a Linking Book for the trip back because there is no automatic return portal.

Book writingEdit

You need to discover symbols before you can write your own books. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Put a regular book into your Crafting Grid, this will yield you a green Linking Book. This is your way home ticket; if you lose it, you cannot get back to the Overworld (that's what the world where you started is called) except with the rare Star Fissure.
  2. Create a Linkbook Stand by placing 1 Wood in the bottom of the Crafting Table and 2 Sticks on either side of the crafting grid. Make sure to make a few for each of your books.
  3. Put a regular book and a feather into your crafting grid. This will yield you a Descriptive Book. Equip it and hold the right mouse button. This will open up the book interface. Click on the black field - this will generate an "Age," and you will travel to it.
  4. Mark the location where you entered the Age - build a small cobblestone tower, or make a waypoint if you are using Rei's minimap. Just make sure that you find your way back there.
  5. Once you are done exploring, equip the Link Book (from step 1), place it in a Linkbook Stand, right click and go back to the Overworld.
  6. Construct a Writing Desk.
Crafting GUI.png

Glass Bottle

Wooden Planks

Wooden Planks

Wooden Planks


Wooden Planks

Wooden Planks

Writing Desk

  1. Now before you can analyze the descriptive book in the writing desk, you need a Notebook. You can craft it with 3 pieces of leather, in a 'V' shape; 
  2. Take this notebook, go to the writing desk, open the interface and place the notebook in the item slot to the top left (on the parchment to the left). All symbol discoveries you make will now be written down in this notebook, so just leave it in the table.
  3. Now take the descriptive book and place it into the grey item slot to the right. This will show you the biome and modifier symbols, and if you wish, you can change the name of the age, too. The symbols of this particular descriptive book will be added to your notebook.
  4. Repeat this process a couple of times until you have collected a number of symbols.
  5. Now if you want to write your own world, craft a descriptive book, but do not visit it. Place it in your writing desk instead. Now you can click on the symbols on the left side to add them to this descriptive book. Choose the biomes and terrain/sky/time modifiers you want. When you're finished, take the descriptive book out of the writing desk.
  6. Visit your age.

Book writing (and thus Mystcraft) can be VERY useful i.e. mining scarce ores (own experience). These are the steps:

  1. Make a lot of descriptive books and visit the worlds linked by default (NEVER forget your linking book!!!).
  2. By visiting these worlds you can transfer the symbols into a notebook (like stated above).
  3. Try to unlock the symbols 'Dense Ores' and 'Bright'.
  4. Make a descriptive book and choose your own symbols, include 'Dense Ores' and 'Bright' (You don't have to use torches if you choose Bright)
  5. Visit your new world (don't forget your link book)
  6. Dig down to lvl 16 and mine in a cross-pattern. Dense Ores include some Nether Ore Blocks, but they don't seem to have a chance of exploding. I've encountered so far some vains of 20+ Diamonds, 6+ Tungsten, much redstone etc. In other words: everything you need to build your stuff, or if not for building, you can condense it for A LOT of EMC.
  7. I have not yet found a stable build for a world with Dense Ores. ALL MystCraft ages with Dense Ores have instability. If you start hearing random explosions or if you find some huge decay, don't stay too long. Destroy you descriptive book and make a new one.

SUGGESTIONS: It is VERY useful to take some alchemical bags with you (2-3) since you will be mining a lot of different ores and in huge quantities. If you use this method early in the game to get some ores quickly, craft 2 emerald/sapphire/ruby pickaxes and put a Talisman of Repair in you Alchemical Bag. That way you can use 1 pickaxe and get the other one repaired for free. If you're not early in game and want to try this, a dark matter/ red matter pickaxe is strongly recommended (they're unbreakable).

WARNING: I have not yet encountered a world with a bedrock lvl 1-3 layer. When digging to deep, you fall directly into the void. Be sure to keep an eye on your current digging lvl, it is advisable to NOT go under lvl 3. Also don't try to fight the decay, it makes holes straight into the void. It is way easier to just destroy you current dimension and make a new one with Dense Ores.

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