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Logo-TC 40 Getting Started in Thaumcraft: A Journey contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.
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Like any other Minecraft world, starting the Technic Pack with Thaumcraft in mind still requires you find food, shelter and materials. Regardless of what biome you spawned in, you should move yourself to one that has the following available:

Forest or Trees aplenty and Natural Caves.

I recommend setting up your camp anywhere that has a height advantage and is near caves. Build yourself a simple home of wood or dirt, get a furnace, some stone tools and the rest of your essentials. As of 7.2, animals are not persisting unless they are tamed or made 'pets' by you. So if you see food animals, take what you need.

and before you start creating things you should make an aprentice wand to get yourself a thaumonoioium

Now that the bare essentials are out of the way, there are a hundred different ways you could go about this. I will discuss but one way and you are free to jump ahead as you like.

Search the nearby Biomes for Objects of Importance.Edit

You have Reis Minimap so mark your home and start looking for unusual things that you will want to mark down. If you find any Eldritch Monoliths , Silverwood Trees , Greatwood Trees or Taint; mark these down. If you have discovered an Active Taint Chunk anywhere near your first homestead, go directly to the this page and begin cordoning it off.

Assuming you're not in danger of being consumed by the creeping purple menace, get your pick, shovel and torches and head underground.

Finding Vis CrystalsEdit

Vis Crystals (pronounced ~VEES) are an essential part to Thaumcraft. You will need them for nearly every operation and they can be found most reliably underground. The Whisps, crystaline mobs that fly about playing wind-chimes, have a chance to drop a kind of Vis Crystal dependant on their color. However, they can really mess you up when you start to fight them and can only be reliably taken down by good marksmanship with a ranged weapon. Vis Crystals underground grow in bunches and emit light when exposed. This makes them easy to find, 2 or better in number and don't do damage to you.

Find as many as you can but only collect a few crystals for now. If you come across any Tainted or regular Vis , collect these first and leave the Fiery , Aqueous , Vaporous and Earthen crystals alone if you can. Collect a single crystal stack of Vis and Tainted if you can and head back up, noting any other crystals you found.

If you found some iron and/or coal while you were down there, make sure to mine out as much of that as you are able. You'll need 11 pieces to start and some coal for some rudimentary Thaumic creations and you'll seldom end up having enough. If your cave is deep enough to get Redstone, pick some of it up as well and have it handy.

Making Magic: The Crucible and the InfuserEdit

Your first Thaumaturgic creation is going to be a Crucible. Using one of your Vis Crystals, 7 iron in the form of a cauldron and a furnace, you can craft this object:

Place it somehwere with a decent amount of room around it. I recommend the roof or another room in your homestead just for this object. You'll be doing a great deal with this and replacing it in the long run, so make sure you have as much space available to you as you can.

When the crucible is in place, you will next make a Thaumic Infuser. Using the other four iron ingots, a stone block, smooth stone and any crystal other than a tainted one, you can craft the machine that's going to use the magic made in your crucible to do nifty things!

Now you need to connect the Crucible and the Thaumic Infuser, so that the latter can actually use the Vis produced by the former. To do this, we are going to craft Vis Conduits:

Connect the Crucible and the Thaumic Infuser using those conduits. You can then start to extract Vis out of some of the items you have collected.

How is this done? By adding objects to the Crucible, you 'cook' the contained Vis out of the object. This can be any simple non-crafted object from the world including everything from cobble stone to diamond blocks. It will pool inside your crucible and await use. However, when this essence is released, some portion of it is converted to Liquid Taint as a byproduct of the operation. This liquid version of the Aura and land-polluting phenomena, is at this time, an undesirable phenomenon. However, it's unescapable for now.

When you connect your Infuser to a crucible with Vis inside, it will draw out the un-tainted Vis and use it as a powersource to make very useful objects. It's going to be up to you to figure out which world objects work best for Vis creation, but fear not the Taint! It can be controlled, dispelled and destroyed. For now you're going to have to live with it.

Now what?Edit

Ultimately, this one's up to you. Since this is a Tutorial there are a few items you should make now if the conditions are right. What is recommended first, is some form of Vis Storage and Taint Control. To do that, you're going to want to find those Greatwood Trees.

They are not hard to find. They are even bigger than a regular tree and have a very distinct colored wood. They are a pain to collect because they aren't, as of 7.2, part of Tree-capitator so you will have to cut it down the old-fashioned way. Suffice to say, just taking out the first 4 layers of the 2X2 trunk will do.

Enchanted Wood is an essential component to Vis Storage Tanks and a couple of other thaumic machines. If you have enough Crystals, one for each log, go ahead and make a few up:

What you have already found by now is that Greatwood gives you an extra enchanted wood for the operation.:

Once you have enough Enchanted Wood, you should use it to build one or two Vis Storage Tanks:

And at this stage, making the few crystals you have count is the name of the game. Make certain that by the end of this operation, you have at least one Vis Crystal left. If you lucked into a Tainted Crystal, this next part is for you.

Seeing the Unseen: Viewing your AuraEdit

The Vis Detector and the Taint Detector are the next essential step to maintaining control over your Thaumaturgy. Both items are created using the Thaumic Infuser:

Now what do you need those detectors for? As described above, making Vis in your Crucible creates Taint in a liquid form. If that liquid Taint escapes your crucible (you fill it with Taint and can't make any more Vis and destroy it to empty it, etc) it fills the nearby Aura with Taint. If you have the misfortune to have spawned near an active Taint Biome, you can see what the negative effects of a runaway Taint Aura will eventually lead to. Don't worry! You can control this but you have to see what's going on.

If you can at least make the Taint Detector , you are in business. Just being able to monitor the actions of the level of taint in your Aura will be enough. If you don't, having the Vis Detector has the added bonus of cluing you into the location of nearby deposits of Vis Crystals. Drops in the Aura may signify the presence of Tainted Crystals which you will certainly want to get!

Holding either object in your hand and left clicking on a crucible, conduit, tank or otherwise will give you a total of either the Taint or Vis the object has in it. If you've lucked into 1 of all four other Vis Crystals, you can put both detectors into your infuser, along with the 4 other crystals and make a Thaumometer which will show both upon left click.

If the first step to managing your aura is monitoring it, the second step will be taking steps to deal with it. And for that, you're going to need knowledge.

Research: Gaining an upper hand on the AuraEdit

The trouble with Thaumcraft is that the most powerful Wonders you can create come from knowledge not of this world. To gain access to that knowledge, you must sacrifice time, energy and materials to this higher power. It's name is the Quaesitum. Made with Stone, Gold, a Bottle, a Quill and an Ink sack. If that sounds easy enough, it isn't. Technic 7.2 contains Mo'Creatures and Squid are rare like unicorns.

The easiest way through this is to wait until night fall, hit the beach and start looking. If you're using Rei's Minimap, there should be a function that will turn on mob-tracking and you should be able to change it such that only passive mobs are present. If not, dive right in and use the 'torch technique' (place a torch at head level to regenerate your air bar) to breathe under water or take a couple of fence posts and put them down at the bottom to create air pockets. Eventually the buggers will spawn in one of the nearby chunks and allow you to complete this.

When all the parts are assembled, you have a Quaesitum and the process works like this:

In the interface you have several slots. The ones to your far left are the research slots. The top slot is the object that is being actively researched. Think of it as the object being smelted. The two slots below it are like the fuel slots. In the case of this object, you don't need two objects below but you will want to fill them anyway. They will increase the chances of you deriving knowledge from the research object. The table to the right is where the objects you create end up, like the 'done' slot of a furnace and the single slot above that is designed -solely- for paper.


That's not an understatement. You will always need paper and the only way to that is sugarcane. The world will be dotted with the stuff, but if you spawn in a place where it's hard to find, keep looking until you do. With any luck you won't be at it for too long. Bring this back to your base of operations. Sugar cane, like everything else, only grows in loaded chunks. If you leave the chunk, the material won't grow so make sure it is near you (you can also use a World Anchor). Once you have a couple fields growing in neat rows you will be able to create books and then book cases.

Your Quaesitum gets a small bonus to chance from 30 surrounding book cases and, since this is still 1.2.5, you won't need leather for them. Have a grove of trees nearby and make up what you need. Assuming you have all the objects in the right spot, you are ready to begin.

The interface of the Quaesitum may be slightly confusing to the uninitiated at first, but it is actually pretty easy to understand:

Gui-quaesitum explained

The red slot at the top left is the slot for the primary research item. The two green slots below it are for additional items with which you can boost the research success chance. The three bars in the magenta area are bars that indicate, from top to bottom, the percental success chance of the current research endeavor, the percental chance of losing a progress point when researching a theory, and finally, the percental chance to lose the item that is currently being researched.

The yellow slot at the top right is for paper. As already stated earlier, you will need lots of paper since every time the Quaesitum produces a knowledge fragment, a theory or a discovery, one piece of paper is consumed. The dark blue bar is the progress bar of the Quaesitum; the harder a theory is to research, the longer it takes to complete one cycle. Finally, the light blue inventory holds the knowledge fragments, theories and discoveries the Quaesitum has produced so far.

The research mechanics are fairly simple. The more valuable the object, the better chance of success. That also applies to supplementary items. If you are using the latest recommended Technic build 7.2, you can see the research value of an item if you hover over it in your inventory. The higher this research value is, the higher the chance for a research success gets if you use it as primary research material or as a booster.

It is highly recommended to use Vis Valves as research boosters, as they are rather cheap to craft and have an extraordinarily high research value of 15, which is almost double as much as a diamond (8). You only need glass panes, some wood and some Redstone for the Vis Conduits, and some more wood and cobblestone for the levers. Efficient research boosters don't get any cheaper than this:

Once your Quaesitum starts researching, it will make a quill scratching noise and will start it's progress bar. What can be derived will change based on what you put in. Mundane objects will only give you Lost Knowledge. Forbidden Objects will give you Forbidden Knowledge, Tainted objects will give you Tainted Knowledge and Eldrich objects will give you Eldritch Knowledge. These knowledge fragements are the first part of the research stage of Thaumcraft. After you've gotten your first fragment, feel free to take whatever object is in the top slot out and place the fragment within.

First, get a stack of 64 paper and load it into the paper slot on the right. Now you need research fuel. Artifacts are ideal, but because they are most commonly found in dungeon chests in the beginning, initially anything will do. This is a good way to get rid of cobblestone and dirt, but you should also fill the supplementary slots. As mentioned before, you should use bookshelves when you research artifacts to increase success chances. If you have tons of Greatwood Logs (4+ stacks) you can use it as fuel. It can yield ALL types of Knowledge, but most commonly yields Lost Knowledge. As it is rare, you should only use it if you have more than you could ever use.

Your chances to derive a Theories will change and may have you looking for better objects to use in your research, however there is always a chance, no matter how small to succeed. If you get a theory, you are free to research that now. However if the difficulty if the theory is Tortuous, toss it. It is a waste of time and WILL NOT SUCCEED unless you have insane luck. Theories have a progress bar and must be filled successfully in order for the theory to turn into a Discovery. When you arrive at a discovery, immediately put it into your hotbar and right click it when in hand. The scroll will open and reveal what you've achieved. This is important because, you won't be able to make the object until you see it and most importantly, you will run the risk of getting the theory again. Discoveries remove the theory from the pool of possible successes in the Quaesitum, allowing for the remaining ones to surface in it's place.

Having done this much, you are now on your way to unlocking all of the Thaumaturgical wonders available to you in the mod. Happy Miracles to you!

Oh no! My operation isn't working! Help!Edit

Admitedly this process is delicate and having done as much as you have already, you have the ability to control this! Here's a hand up if you're not quite sure how:

You are always creating taint. Even with a Thaumium Crucible on an Arcane Furnace, each outfitted with the maximum number of Arcane Bellows (see this tutorial for a very efficient Vis conversion setup), you are creating Taint. In the beginning of Thaumcraft, you don't have much choice in how to get rid of Taint so you can perform basic Thaumaturgy. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you going fast.

Vis Filters do not need to be researched and work by pumping the taint in your system right out into the air. By now, you know that this is a very bad thing. However, they are relatively easy to make and, when used correctly, can greatly diminish how much of your taint gets into the air. You can craft them like this:

Start by making 5 or more of these objects. Once made, install the first one in the pipeline between your crucible and your Infuser. Assuming you don't have anything smelting at the time, you are not yet pumping taint into the air. Take the others you made and stack them on top of the first to make a stack of them. If you do this, something very useful happens. Each object is taking in the taint from the one bellow and moving it into the air by vaporizing it. Using a stack, you increase the chances that the taint, when it moves between them, is simply destroyed. Simulations with tall stacks have achieved near total destruction of taint but results aren't conclusive. Since you don't have a special kind of tank for this yet, you have no choice but to belch it out. You do, however, have a choice in how much successfully makes it out. A stack of 10 seems to make any output negliglible,, but it does slow down the filtration process.

You have probably already experienced a pipe fouled with Taint. Vis Conduits are really only able to hold a certain amout of Thaum in them at a time. If it's 100% taint and you have an infuser drawing Vis, you aren't going to get anything infused. The solution is to connect your infuser, and any other object you end up using most often, directly to your main tank. This gives you unfettered access to your Vis without even having to worry about a Taint blockage. Just be aware that, as more and more Taint makes up the total volume of the tank, the chances for an explosion multiply! Assuming you have filters in operation, your risk is minimal.

Thaumium Reinforced Tanks have to be researched but, once made, eliminate the need to belch the taint out into the athmosphere. You can now hold onto the taint, in any amount and, when you need room for Vis, can just add more tanks as you need. Obviously, you have a boat load of taint that can foul your works but at least now the only taint going into the Aura comes from a very tiny amount made during the smelting process. However, storing all of your Taint consumes more resources than dumping, and if done carefully, dumping can have minimal affect on your Aura. To store the taint, you will need the Advanced Vis Valve, which allows you to choose what goes through it: everything, nothing, only Vis, or only Taint. This also needs to be researched and like the Thaumium Reinforced Tank, it is classified as Tainted Knowledge.

Tainted Knowledge is difficult to come by if you don't have an active Taint Chunk nearby. If you don't have one, there are but a few things you can do to get this ball rolling: Create a Taint chunk by mistake (which can happen to anybody) and get the taint objects; make Extracts of Foulest Taint from Tainted Crystals and Shimmerleaves and throw them on the ground to make quickly disapearing taint objects you can harvest; research all of the Lost Knowledge tier Discoveries and use excess Lost Knowledge Fragments to 'luck' into Tainted Knowledge Fragments. Tainted Crystals can also yield Tainted Knowledge but at low percentages therefore if you do this you should put stuff in the supplementary slots to assist in this.Tainted Crystals yield Tainted knowledge, but have a low success chance. Only use them if you have a lot (over 20).

Getting control over these facets of your opperation means getting control over Thaumaturgy. It's not an easy process, it takes time and mistakes, but never despair:

You can always fix what you break, but if the Taint gets out of control, it will take a ton of work to return the world to normal.

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