Generators are used to either supply direct power to machines or charge recrgable items such as the RE Battery, o a key component in the crafting of advanced generators (Solar Panels, Mining Drill or BatBox. The basic Generators operate on conventional fuel, which includes most wooden items, Charcoal, Coal, certain plants, (but not Lava Buckets or Lava Cells).

The generator is also used in the crafting of Geothermal Generators, Windmills and so on.

Generators are one of the most mobile power sources, and don't suffer the drawbacks of requiring sunlight, water, lava, or proper wind as the case is with the other types of generators.


battery on top, machine block in the middle and a furnace on the bottom
Crafting GUI.png


Machine Block



Place one of the compatible fuels (listed below) in the lower slot. The generator will output power at a rate of 10 EU/t. You can also charge RE Batteries by placing them in the top slot.


Internal Storage: 4000 EU
Output: A varying amount of EU (depending on fuel source, see below) at a rate of 10 EU/t. It should be noted that each tick (t) occurs 20 times per second in Minecraft.


Even with Sound: OFF, It gives away sound

Fuel Type Total EU Time Spent in Generator
Grid Fuel Can(Empty) Fuel can with 6 Coalfuel Cells 76440 6 Minutes 22.2 Seconds
Grid Alumentum 40000
Grid Fuel Can(Empty) Fuel can with 6 Biofuel Cells 26040 2 Minutes 10.2 Seconds
Grid Coal Coke Coal Coke 8000 40 Seconds
Grid Blaze Rod Blaze Rod 6000 30 Seconds
Grid Coal (Item) Coal/Charcoal 4000 20 Seconds
Grid Scrap Scrap 870 4.35 Seconds
Grid Wooden PlankGrid WoodGrid Chest Wood / Planks / Other Wood Items 750 3.75 Seconds
Grid SaplingGrid Stick Saplings and Sticks 250 1.25 Seconds
Grid Rubber Sapling Rubber Sapling 200 1 Second
Grid Sugar CaneGrid Cactus Sugar cane/Cactus 120 0.6 Seconds

Video TutorialEdit

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Technic Tutorials Episode 1 - Treetap, Generator, Extractor And Macerator