Logo-IC2 40 Frequency Transmitter contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
Frequency Transmitter
Grid FreqTrans
Type Tool
Stackable No
EMC Value Not Usable
Mod Included Industrial Craft

Frequency Transmitters are capable of copying the frequency of one Teleporter and pasting it onto another, making them a pair of Teleporters and thus capable of transporting something or someone from one end to another.


Crafting GUI.png

Electronic Circuit

Insulated Copper Cable



To link two teleporters, right click the first one with this item in hand ("Frequency Transmitter linked with teleporter" will be diplayed), then go to another teleporter and right click it ("Teleportation Link Established" will be displayed).

To clear the linked status, right click with this item on a normal block.

This item will keep its link while in your inventory.


  • Occasionally when using "R" (or mapped button) to sort your inventory, it will pick up this item or an EU-Reader. Be sure to put it back in a slot or your might drop it.

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