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Backpacks are items that can be used as "Portable chests ". When placed in the inventory, broken blocks will be stored in the backpack, if possible (see below). All back packs (excluding the Apiarist's) have 15 storage slots (as seen below). If an incompatible item is placed in a backpack, the item will be dropped when the inventory screen is closed. If the mouse is placed over a backpack to reveal its name, the items stored in the backpack will be displayed.

Backpack space

Backpack space

The BackpacksEdit

Note: All recipies can use any type of wool.

Miner's BackpackEdit


Digger's BackpackEdit


Hunter's BackpackEdit


  • Any item dropped by a mob

Forester's BackpackEdit


Apiarist's BackpackEdit


This backpack has just as much space as the normal Apiarist Chest.

Adventurer's BackpackEdit

Stores: The Adventurer's Backpack has no predefined items. If you want to use this backpack, you will have to edit the line "backpacks.adventurer.items=" in the forestry config file and add block and item ids there.

Builder's BackpackEdit

Stores: All types of brick, stairs, fences, glass, torches
Grid Builder's Backpack

Builder's Backpack

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