Logo-TC 40 Flying Carpet contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.

Flying Carpet is made from placing an Inert Carpet and an Extract of Lightest Air in an Infuser.

The flying carpet when placed in your hotkey bar and right clicked becomes an object in the game world, just like a minecart. Right clicking on the flying carpet will mount/dismount the carpet. While on the carpet you can move around at an increased rate (roughly between the Meteor Boots' walking and sprinting speeds). Pressing the jump button will move you up, pressing the sneak button will move you down.

Flying carpet

A flying carpet.

Destroying the flying carpet object with any item or your fists will turn it back into an item you can place in your inventory, again similar to a minecart.

The flying carpet uses up charge when flying around, and while idle (tested). The charge can be recharged in the Thaumic Restorer, or with Equivalent Exchange's Talisman of Repair.

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