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Fastest EMC Generation:Edit

I have been searching long for a way to create EMC faster than a MK 3 Collector/Relay setup, and now I've found it. It employs most of the major mods in the Technic Pack, such as Equivalent Exchange, Redpower, Industrialcraft, and Buildcraft.

In order to create this, you will need a few blaze rods, a filter, a timer, a red alloy wire, 6 redpower tubes, 2 rotary macerators, 2 buildcraft wooden pipes, 9 cobblestone or stone transport pipes, 2 energy condensers, a distribution pipe, 8 geothermal generators(or the equivalent EU production), wires, and 2 Regular Electric Engines.

Your setup should be this:


C=Condenser, F=Filter, T=Tubes, RAW=Red Alloy Wire, TIM=Timer, P=Cobble/Stone transport pipe, WP=Wooden Pipe, EE=Regular Electric Engine, M=Rotary Macerator, W=Wire (connected to power source, not shown), D=Distribution Pipe, IP=Iron Pipe.

The Condenser in the top row should be condensing whatever you want to be condensing for EMC.

The 2 Regular Electric Engines should be facing the wooden pipes and have a redstone signal attached

The distribution pipe should have every color set to 0 except for the ones going to the top condenser, which should be set to 3, and the condenser to its right, which should be set to 2.

The condenser in the 2nd row from the top should be condensing blaze rods.

It does not matter what the timer is set to, but do not have it set any slower than 1 second.

The filter should be set to pull out 4 blaze rods per redstone pulse. (Note: tubes should go up one block and continue to go into the top of the macerators so that they are both the same distance from the filter)

The iron pipe should be set so that the output of the macerators goes towards the condensers.

2012-09-26 09.47.05

Now simply add enough EMC to get the process going in the blaze rods condenser and turn on the timer. Now you will get infinite EMC so long as your EU is created. The setup shown above will create one Red Matter every one minute and fifteen seconds, whereas a mk 3 collector/relay setup will create 1 Red Matter every 7.5 minutes. Multiples of these can be created in order to speed up the process even more.

Blaze EMC Machine w RedPower

Blaze Rod EMC Machine Using RedPower only.

Here is a version of this same EMC machine using RedPower only. Filters are used behind the Macerators and Tubes/Redstone Tubes replace pipes. A few Red Alloy Wire and Jacketed Wire is needed, plus some Cover Plates to prevent Tubes from crossing un-intendedly. This is a lot less laggy too. For my setup, each Rotary Macerator has 15 overclockers and 2 transformer upgrades in them so they are hooked to MFSU output mostly just for the speed ramp up at start. The Filter near the Blaze Rod condenser is set to pull out 20 Blaze Rods at a time. And the Timer for the whole system is set to 4 seconds. The Red Matter condenser must be put a bit farther away so the dust will go into the Blaze Rod condenser first.

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