Logo-sc 40 Farming Cart contains information about the Steve's Carts mod.
Farming Cart
Grid Farming Cart
Type Family
Physics Yes
Luminance No
Stackable No
Mod Included Steve's Carts

2012-08-06 11.48.30

Farming Cart with solar panels deployed.

2012-08-06 11.48.42
The Farming Cart is an advanced cart added by Steve's Carts.

The Cart will produce wheat for as long as it has energy to run and seeds to plant.

The Cart only requires a few things to run: Fuel/Power, Seeds, and a track to follow. You can also add water, bone or bonemeal to increase efficiency.


How to make the Farming cart
Water tank Hybrid cart Water tank

Sorry for the improper format, but that's how you make it. <かぐもっど ほしい

Capacities Edit

Item Unit
1 Water Bucket

500 water 

The farming cart can hold 4 buckets worth of water on board, for a total of 2000 water, and can also carry one additional water bucket for use later. 

Item Unit
1 Bone 12 fertilizer
1 Bone Meal 4 fertilizer

The farming cart can hold 3 stacks of bones or 9 stacks of bone meal on board, for a total of 2304 fertilizer, and it can also carry one additional stack for use later.

2012-08-06 11.52.27

The Farming Cart's UI

Energy Settings Edit

The small black or yellow square in the UI determines what type of energy it uses; Black for fuel (coal, wood, etc.) or yellow for solar power. The Cart has five energy settings:

Choices Description
Energy Fuel Only fuel
Energy Power Only power
Energy FuelandPower Alternating fuel and power
Energy FuelthenPower Fuel first, then power
Energy PowerthenFuel Power first, then fuel

Crafting Edit

Crafting the cart can be easily done through the Cart Manager.

Crafting GUI.png

Water Tank (Steve&#039;s Carts)


Hybrid Cart

Water Tank (Steve&#039;s Carts)

Farming Cart

Trivia Edit

  • It can run fully off of solar power with no need for fuel.
  • Be aware that mobs can stop the cart by bumping into it.