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Redpower-logo1 FORTH Boot Disk contains information about the RedPower mod.

The FORTH boot disk contains a FORTH interpreter that can be booted on your Red Power Computer to program it using the Forth Programming language .

Shapeless recipe:

Crafting GUI.png

Blank Floppy

Redstone Dust

FORTH Boot Disk


  1. Insert your Forth Boot Disk in your Disk Drive.
  2. Right-click on your Central Processing Unit to open its GUI. You'll need to reset your computer; click the halt button, then reset, then start. The light should now be back next to the start button.
  3. Go to your monitor. Once booted you should see some startup text with a prompt waiting. You are now ready to start using Forth.

Programming using ForthEdit

See Forth Language page.


  • Should you need to reset your computer (or if its relocated), don't forget to insert the Forth Boot Disk back in the drive.

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