MillenaireTempIcon Exploring the Forest contains information about the Millénaire mod which is not included in the current recommended version of Technic Pack and might be outdated.

Exploring the Forest is the name of the second quest in the Creation Quest section of the Millenaire mod. This is a somewhat dangerous quest, as monsters are involved. The Sadhu asks you to explore the dangers of the forest throughout the night.


This quest must be done at night. You should prepare yourself to fight some baddies, because there will be lots. Bring a sword, some food, some armor, a flint and steel or bow and arrow if you like those...

Basically, the goal here is to walk roughly 500 blocks through the forest. However, about every minute or 25 blocks, some zombies will be spawned for you to fight off, or run from for that matter. Millenaire will give you progress reports on how far you've gone. Hit 100% and return the the Sadhu.


As the previous quest, you get 128 reputation points. You can also move on, now, to the next part of the quest: Hindu Epics.