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Logo-EE 40 Evertide Amulet is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Evertide Amulet
Grid Evertide Amulet
Type Tool
Stackable No
EMC Value 422,406
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Evertide Amulet is similar to the Volcanite Amulet. It is a powerful tool that can easily make a mess if not used cautiously. The Evertide Amulet has four pertinent powers.

Pressing "R" will shoot projectiles spawns water remotely at whatever block it collides with, for free. If the projectile passes near lava blocks of any kind, it will cool them as though struck by water. If fired at the sky, however, the Evertide will cause it to start raining.

Charging up the Evertide with "V" and pressing the "C" will cause any water directly near you to be frozen depending on what level you've charged it.

Right clicking while uncharged will place a single block of water at your target. Right clicking while charged, instead, will place a very large quantity of water at your target. Aiming straight down while doing so will create a square pool. Aiming up, instead, produces a towering ground-fountain from the earth.

While the Evertide is equipped (in your main quick-bar), you can press "shift" to go down in water or "space" to go up. You'll also be able to walk on water and be immune to drowning while the Evertide amulet is in your hotbar, letting you stay under for as long as you want.


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