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Everfull Urn
Everfull urn fountain
Type Block
Physics No
Stackable No
Mod Included Thaumcraft

A small fountain of pure water always flows from the top of this urn, making it a perfect water source to fill your buckets, bottles or other liquid containers. Filling from it does cause a tiny taint charge.

Usage Edit

The Everfull Urn acts as a permanent source for collecting water with buckets. Each time it is used to fill a bucket, however, the chance of it adding to the chunk's taint value is increased by 1%.

You can plant a Shimmerleaf, Cinderpearl Pod, Taintweed or Glowing Taintweed on the Urn. If you then place a block adjacent to it, the plant is harvested like cacti. Plants do not hinder your ability to collect water from it.


Before you are able to craft the Everfull Urn, you need to research it with a Quaesitum first. The recipe belongs to the Lost Knowledge research tree.


  • You cannot connect pipes to an Everfull Urn; instead, one may use the Aqueous Accumulator.
  • You cannot fill up Empty Cells with an Everfull Urn.