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Logo moc 40 Essences contains information about the Mo' Creatures mod.

All 4 Essences from Mo'Creatures

On the Horse Page you can find answers to frequently asked questions about breeding the type of horse you want.  Essences  are needed for some of the specialty types, but please read the Horse page to save yourself the time and frustration that many of us had to already go through.

Essence of DarknessEdit

The Essence of Darkness is used to create bat Horses and black pegasi and is also used to heal them.

Ender Pearl

Heart of Darkness

Glass Bottle

Essence of Darkness

Essence of FireEdit

Essence of Fire is required to create a Nightmare and heal them.

Blaze Powder

Heart of Fire

Glass Bottle

Essence of Fire

Essence of UndeadEdit

The Essence of Undead is used to create undead horses and heal them. Can also be fed to a tame Ostrich to make it lava immune (u will still need to drink a fire res pot if u swim in lava with it), fall dmg immune and some HUUUGE Jumps

Rotten flesh

Heart of Undead

Glass bottle

Essence of Undead

Essence of LightEdit

The Essence of Light is the rarest essence in the game. It can be used to create Pegasi and Unicorns and is also used to heal them.

It is made by combining all three other essences together:

Essence of Undead

Essence of Darkness

Essence of Fire

Essence of Light

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