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Logo-IC2 40 Energy Storage Upgrade contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
An energy storage upgrade can be used to upgrade a machine's internal power storage. Place one or more energy storage upgrades into the four right-most slots to upgrade a machine. Each upgrade increases the storage capacity by 10,000 EU. Its main purpose is for use when a machine's energy consumption becomes too large for its internal storage to handle; this only happens when an extreme number of Overclocker upgrades are present. These upgrades do not work as batteries however; transfering several from a machine with full charge to one without will not fill it up, but will instead t
Energy Storage Upgrade

Energy Storage Upgrade

ake longer to fill from an EU source due to the new amount of storage.

It's wise to ensure you have a sufficient stock and input of EU to cope with larger number of overclockers; the rate of EU consumption increases over-proportionately with every additional overclocker.

The balance of energy upgrades to make overclocker upgrades viable appears to be as follows for most machines;

Quantity of overclocker upgrades Energy upgrades needed
Up to 6 None
7 At least 1 (+10,000 EU)
8 - 9 At least 5 (+30,000 EU)
10 - 11 At least 10 (+80,000 EU)
12 - 13 At least 16 (+160,000 EU)
14 - 15 At least 23 (+230,000 EU)
16 (Cap of one stack) At least 31 (+310,000 EU)

(Please note this is only a general guide and may vary depending on the machine being used and what item it's processing).

Besides this, it does not seem to have any effect on current machines, although it might be useable on Batboxes, MFEs, and MFSUs in the near future.


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